Terena Rustman
Owner and Business Manager

Terena is dedicated to the overall Satisfaction of our customers and the growth of this company!

Terena Rustman is thrilled to be starting her own processing facility with her husband Jason Rustman!  She is passionate about Geology, Gardening, Health, and the Human Body. She has a BA in Psychology, with Minors in Science and Mathematics. She loves to spend time with her family outdoors as much as possible, and in her spare time- her hobby is researching as much as she can about the things she is passionate about.  She has spent the last 20 years researching the human body-including-what our bodies require to run in optimum condition to expand our life expectancy, how to heal our body with food, how to grow our own food, original forms of herbal medicine, and  how to survive off of the land.  She recently, in the last several years, began to also research how far back humans have been on the earth-which includes-changes in geology, ice ages, meteors, continental shifts, life expectancies during varying time periods, and what was going on environmentally, along with what varying diets consisted of.