Sunset Ranch Extractions

We are located in West Texas! We are a small family run company that prides ourselves in processing Flower to Rosin (solventless full spectrum Cannabis "Hemp" extract) and turning it into a wide range of 🔥 products!!!

While we are updating our website, please feel free to reach out by text/e-mail to place an order. We will respond within 24hrs. There will be a 10% discount for orders placed through text/e-mail for any inconvenience.
Phone: (432) 260 - 0181

Once harvested we take the Cannabis “hemp” flower (bud), and press it under extreme pressure (approximately 10,000lbs) with heat (around 190-210 degrees Fahrenheit), which produces results of an incredibly potent Full Spectrum Extract (Rosin) that looks and feels like tree sap.  These extracts are labor intensive, and made in small batches.  Our Rosin extracts are solventless, pure, and alway made with love!