How To Get Started Growing Hemp

How To Get Started Growing Hemp
Here is a link for where you need to go so you can apply for a license to grow hemp in the state of Texas.

Texas Department Of Agriculture - Watch the Video

Growers/Producers License 

Lot Permit

  • You will need to first watch the video, and then fill out the application for the hemp growers license and submit it.
  • It will cost $100 for every license/permit that you need.
  • Once your growers license is approved, then you will need to apply for a lot permit for each location and strain that you are growing, which is $100 permit/lot/strain.  For example, if you are growing in a greenhouse and outdoors on the same property, this is considered two lots.  if you have 4 strains growing in the greenhouse, and then moving outdoors, then you need to split your indoor area into 4 lots and that will be $400, and then split your outdoor area into 4 lots and that will be another $400.
  • It will also cost $500/strain that you grow for testing/lab fees.

This is an example, from the Texas Hemp Growers Master Class, of one growers license with 5 lots.

You can also click the link below for all of the final rules and regulations for growing hemp in Texas.

Rules and Regulations