How do we plan to sell the oil
  • We are going to be working with our farmers the entire growing season to ensure a high quality product!

  • We are going to be connecting certain companies with certain farmers, and their specific strains to help our companies have a reliable product to put into their products!

  • We are cutting out the costs associated with long distance transportation of biomass by working with our local farmers.  This will allow us to be able to offer the BEST OIL at the BEST PRICE!

  • We will do Personal Delivery for large orders of 4-Liters or more to be able to ensure delivery of the product!  We will use UPS for delivery of 1-3 Liters.

  • We put LOVE & PASSION into everything we do!  

  • Healing Naturally is our primary focus! We are a research based company, who is dedicated to helping people heal themselves naturally!