Flower to Market Services

We will sell your Hemp Flower For You! 

  • We will sell your harvested flower in bulk (by the pound) purchases. 

  • We will have the farmer store the flower at their location in weighed out (1 Pound) sealed bags, with a Boveda Pack.  This will ensure the freshness of the flower!


  • We will be working with the farmers the whole way to ensure flower is properly harvested and cured.  This will allow us to ensure to our customers we have a quality product for them!

  • We will market the flower on our website with the farmers information, and on other various marketing platforms that our company is on for a 10% fee, which we will add to the product before it is sold. For example, we will market one pound on our website for $220.  Then you, the farmer will get $200/pound and Sunset Ranch Extractions will get $20/pound after the flower is sold.