Proper Labeling

Proper Labeling

All cannabis is hybrid after 20,000 years of evolution! Due to the natural evolution of the plant, and humans breeding for a variety of reasons, everything is hybrid, and strains are lost and not a reliable way to properly label this plant. 

Creating a unique label/strain name that traces back to your farm is important!  Currently strain names do not completely determine the medicinal benefits because they are unreliable.   If someone finds medicinal relief from your products, then they will continue to want to buy from your farm, and not just look for the same “strain” name.

You will Create one of these for each strain that you grow!

Proper Labeling

Name :Name given by farmer

Geography :Location Grown

Region :Area grown

Appellation :Legal term designating a region, and gives permission for producers in that region to label a product as originating from that region.

County :Name of County Grown

Town :Name of Town Grown

Producer :Name of Farm and Farmer

Terrior :Encompasses the growing conditions, including soil composition, geography, microclimate and seasonal weather conditions, along with cultural norms in community practices, such as organic, regenerative, or biodynamic farming.


Name :Coyote Blue

Geography :California, USA

Region :Emerald Triangle

Appellation :Southern Humboldt

County :Humboldt

Town :Benbow

Produucer :Alpenglow Farm, Craig Johnson

Terrior :Sun – Grown, Biodynamic, Organic, Pesticide/Fungicide Free, Polyculture, Agroforestry, Light Deprivation Techniques

You can use the following, and copy, so that you can create your own proper labeling for your cannabis:

Name :_______________________________

Geography :__________________________

Region :______________________________

Appellation :__________________________

County :______________________________

Town :________________________________

Produucer :___________________________

Terrior :______________________________