Processing Services

We are here to provide a service to YOU, our Local Hemp Farmer!!!

Sunset Ranch Extractions is a Christian based company that wants to be fully transparent and have your trust! We invite you to see our facility, and at anytime to ask us any questions you may have.

     Sunset Ranch Extractions uses a Solventless Extraction process. We are set up to accept certified organic and non-organic flower. We will need the farmer to either freeze or cure/dry the flower properly in order to properly preserve the medicinal properties intended for extracting. We have directions for this at the bottom of the page so you can prepare for the end of the season before you plant your seeds.  We will also need the farmer to grind the flower before delivering to Sunset Ranch Extractions. Keep in mind that if you grind the whole plant, you will get less oil per pound verses grinding just the flower. This is due to the concentration of trichomes containing the medicinal properties being more abundant in the flowers. This is where the Cannabinoids that make the oil are most highly concentrated. There is nothing wrong with grinding the whole plant, it just makes a significant difference in the return of oil per pound.

     We will be glad to work with all of our farmers at no additional charge to ensure proper growing and harvesting practices are being done. This will benefit the farmer and Sunset Ranch Extractions, because it will ensure that when our oil is tested, that companies will be happy with a reliable product, and they will continue to purchase the oil they need from Sunset Ranch Extractions. We want to come out and check on each of our farmers once a month, and also be available for questions or to come out as needed.


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     When you secure a contract with Sunset Ranch Extractions to process your flower, you will be securing your place in line for when your material will be processed.  We will be operating on a first come first serve basis.  Meaning service will be in the order that you secured our services through a contract.  Only so much material can be processed at once, which means that it will take us that long to get to each farmers harvest.  This will effect how long it will take the farmer to receive their oil if choosing option #1. If choosing option #2, Let us know in advance so we can verify the funds are available to purchase your flower.

     The extraction process requires several steps in order to turn your trim/flower into that final product of desirable oil. Once Sunset Ranch Extractions receives your flower, will we process the flower using a Solventless Extraction  process to produce a Full Spectrum Oil with around a 60-75% cannabinoid concentration. All of these processing steps increase the outgoing price of the oil.

     All of our prices we use are based off of 2019 prices found on The prices will fluctuate due to the market value of hemp fluctuating. We will keep the current price on our website, easily available. Farmers should always plan on the value of hemp fluctuating from year to year, and should not base any future crops off of these numbers.

We have set up 2 options for you to choose how you would like to process your hemp with us.

Option #1

Farmer Brings Sunset Ranch Extractions their harvest, and pays Sunset Ranch Extractions upfront to process their flower into oil.  The Farmer receives ALL of their oil back. 

Ground Flower to Full Spectrum Oil (Rosin)


Projected return of oil (Rosin)

In order to convert Liters to Kilograms the formula is 

1 Liter of oil = .913 Kilograms of oil

8% CBD will require approximately 29lbs of biomass(flower) to = 1 liter Full Spectrum Oil

10-12% CBD will require approximately 27lbs of biomass(flower) to = 1 liter Full Spectrum Oil

12-14% CBD will require approximately 26lbs of biomass(flower) to = 1 liter Full Spectrum Oil

Option #2

Sunset Ranch Extractions purchases the Hemp Flower or Whole Plant Biomass from the Farmer, and Sunset Ranch Extractions keeps ALL of the oil.This is only available if Sunset Ranch Extractions has the funds available. A managing Partner of Sunset Ranch Extractions must approve this option before we will accept the harvest. We will pay the Farmer on average what the Current Prince of Hemp Flower (current 2019 price is $3 per CBD percentage point) or whole plant biomass(1/4 price of flower) is going for. We will pay more for the Organic Hemp. We may also make bulk offers on a case to case basis to the Farmer. Before harvest offers will be considered also, for less than market value to ensure the Farmer has sold their harvest. The price below reflects certified, and trimmed Hemp Flower Prices.  We will offer 1/4 of the price below for whole plant biomass.

Formula we will use:

8% CBD = 8 CBD percentage points = 8($3)=$24/Pound

10% CBD = 10 CBD percentage points = 10($3)=$30/Pound

12% CBD = 12 CBD percentage points = 12($3)=$36/Pound